Conflicting Dreams

A little over a month ago I moved to Poland. I have always wanted to live in a different country and I have traveled a bunch in the past so you can say I have a bit of the travel-bug and a serious case of wanderlust.

However, I moved to Poland from the USA. This is important. In addition to moving to Poland from the USA, I spent the past year (August 2015-August 2016) serving as a Jesuit Volunteer in San Antonio, Texas. I was a caseworker at a local non-profit, walking with individuals and families in need of food, clothes, and other basic necessitates. I also worked as an assistant with our After School Program, providing a safe space for “at-risk” children and teenagers. Furthermore, I chose my university based on their commitment to serving with and for others, thus I dedicated 4 years of my life serving the community of Philadelphia and learning as much as I could about social justice, activism, and how to “better”the world.

Flash forward to now. I teach English as a second language in a private primary school school here in Poland. President Donald Trump has been elected and is trying to burn the USA to the ground. I am completely and utterly torn to shreds, right down the middle. My passion to learn, travel, and explore the world versus my passion to fight for what is right, to walk with those whose rights are being targeted, and to work towards a better USA.

So this is my current reality. I am a social justice activist living abroad while the United States undergoes its first major re-awakening as a nation. The causes and freedoms and people’s lives I have been fighting for, for the past 6 years, are now being recognized and fought for on a national level. I am so proud and hopeful that these compassionate, determined and resilient individuals have finally come together and will continue to resist President Trump. However, I am also extremely devastated that I cannot be there to show my support and do my part as a member of the resistance. This is my reality until the end of the school year (June 2017). Then, I will have to make a decision. Continue my dream of living in a different country and learning about other governments and cultures, or continue my dream to make the world a better place and return to the USA to resist President Trump.

Until then, I would like to keep a blog about my travels, thoughts and experiences here in Poland, and maybe some additional things.

The world is a strange place and the way life pans out isn’t always how we wanted it to, I’m just trying to make sense of it all.


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